Saturday, October 16, 2010


today i ran. i hopped a train and ran far away. the sun was high and i wore nothing but a straw hat, the dry mud that reached my ankles, and my own nude flesh.  where i was going was not a question. i brought nothing but a photograph, my talents, and a few smokes to my name. it was good enough for me. the view was majestic, farm fields and poppies for miles. carcasses laid upon the passing telephone wires like whistling eggshells. the burnt umber cart that i sat high upon roared through the land as it drummed a beat to ponder. i wiped the tears, sweat, and dust from my face and glared up to the earths blinding light. she exhaled her sweet fragrance, untouched, no ones land. i didn’t belong anywhere, and no one knew i had gone. utterly lost, i would never be coming back home.
-written by me sometime last year for a local art show in san diego.

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