Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the dark were finding light.

(Handmade knit foreskin scarf; Vintage Scarf in the hair; Etsy Ring)


December, I found out you weren’t anything close to a bag of jelly beans.
If that were so I’d get to choose and taste my pickings.
When life bursts through a window like shards of glass rolling in the wind
Everything seems impossible.
One day I found that the only thing that made sense was to stare at the stucco wall trying to make pictures where the cement had layered.
Then the next day I realized it wasn’t about me at all.
He sat with fresh tears, making life more of a challenge then it had intended to be.
His little wired fingers sat palm in palm with tiny sparks that caught the moonlight.
Lost in ambition, once again the train had approached a fork in the track.
From the ceiling of the car nectar poured.
An act selflessness from the girl with drawn on eyelashes.

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