Sunday, January 9, 2011

Juice Box.

(Michael Kors Platforms; Vintage Shwal; Hand screend Grizzly Shirt; Laundry Velvet Crushed Skirt)

So far I love the new year aside from being poisoned...
+The salon has kept me busy and the word has started buzzing.
+Aleks and I have seen just about every new movie out there that there is to see. So we've had a lot of hangout time.
+I've had an old itch to get back into painting.
+I'm ordering an iphone today... finally a smart thing.
+Almost done watching all the Lost seasons.
+AND... Aleks got a role in a full length ind. movie.

Its a little too late for this one.... but we meant a Merry Chritmas to everyone.

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