Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waking up more at ease then ever today.

(Balmain Denim Jacket; Spell Designs Earrings; Forever21 cuff; Singer22 Double Ring; Poppy Lissiman Dress; Dolls Kill Amber Rose fox tail; Proenza Schouler Messenger; LAMB Caitlyn Wedge)

 I came on to blog and couldn't recall where my imaginative style outfit posts had gone. SO tah-dah... this is the outfit I chose for myself today. I think with what I have planned for today, hairstyling, it seems a little bit impractical. But, afterwards way worth the wild, maybe go to pick some wildflowers up at the market and get indian food. I'm really into the long flowy dresses, classy, tasteful, and a bit mysterious. This one I love because of the little cut outs and high collar. For now....

Walk around listen to this and think of me.

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  1. This is beautiful.
    That dress is lovely.
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?