Thursday, June 23, 2011

Masochist for breakfast.

The moon held back it's light
A jog was needed
Frozen in place she saw as he stepped out from the car only to reveal a new place of stay, made up of course.
His sister arrived and they left only to go buy a tire
They didn't talk and yet she still knew their destination
Upon a glimpse of eye contact her phone rang
Himalayan with the parents, sure... oh bring three friends. His closest.
They were mute, lost their voices.
Felt like unheard cries from The Falkland War
A moth's wings flickering at the end of death.
She couldn't gaze at them
and they couldn't even slurp soup.
She sent them wishes of a night on the beach once held in a memory.
The jog continued.
A search for narcotics, instead an offered smoke.
The hill was steep.
At last sight she saw everyone remove themselves from beneath his roof.
They didn't wave goodbye, and she couldn't recognize any of them.
He came out and stood as though he was gazing into a mirror.
Only the sky made her cry.

Breakfast; breaking the fast of the night.

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