Wednesday, November 16, 2011

because our notes will be left over a pile of clothes

to be hurt is to remember you're still alive so why be scared to open your mind to the thought that there are a few people that will always be there but not one being capable of not letting you down at one point. it is at these points we seem to lose hope, but if it is lost can it not be found? to get angry is a waste of time... an endless well of disheveled thoughts and worries. forgive relive and forget. the sand will keep your feet warm the rays of sun will give you peace at mind and your heart shall grow with understanding. these social situations need to be approached with the sound of rifles hitting the deserts sand.... for how will there be any answer when we come in guarded and unreachable. in time.... perhaps our paths were not meant to pass just yet.... perhaps. it doesn't mean you stop in caring for someone for what kind of person just runs away from everything you ask? everyone does it its all in time we learn to not avoid it.

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