Thursday, December 29, 2011

An art of dreaming.

We stood cloaked in fabrics made from the dust of stars reach. Ancient times froze the hooves of the surrounding, ungaurded in the permission of guidance. All will tell without movement, all will tell without the night. In the space of matter between you and i, bring forth the notice of silver and light. In a well we shall surround, a gastric bubble of molten metal, kreep the rim, don't fall in. Foretell of splendid resources, we came from afar... realms of knowledge and pleasure for those who come to realize new age measure. From the inside of the black hole we are a looking glass away, come speed, insight, and honey comb i pray. An original, an adventurer, you are but a being all you must do is re-direct you're thinking in the relam of dreaming.

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