Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i am among you.

Cloaked in dawn i shed news of the fallen. Her last moments must be spent in fields of poppies where his heart forever lay at rest. Crows wimper cries of sollitude and retorted vision through layers of linen on swollen flesh. Time that was and is roams forever more, entering visions of the night sweeping away the leaves of day. Cheated by her own thoughts. Cheated by her own cries. Cheated cheated and denied. Where do they know to enter, the curtains drawn, the windows shut out light. How do they enter? Their footsteps shake and send children to dark places. Release me into an escape the pounding is too much to take. I am frightend and withered my hands look for revenge, the wall is my strength. I am here the snow wraps me in position, my breath is shallow, my intentions are worthless. She sends word through communication of ancient times you should recall, stone by stone for every day that has trapped her in this hell. Fight, stand by, cheated, she cries. Tears of the misunderstood the dead the amused. Fuck you all who stand at the bridge. You know of the stones that lay with the wind, to the fields of poppies, where it must all end. She wanders your thoughts for she can not find her way. A vision of the cloaked one in the mid decembers day.

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