Saturday, February 25, 2012

10 things Im greatful for at the moment...

1. Brittany Dumas
2. Being inspired by pintrest
3. Dreams
4. All those nights dancing cray
5. Blasting off to find a message into different dimensions
6. Indigo Children
7. Everyone I work with
8. Southern rock with the sun roof open and smoke out the window
9. Scents by Aj
10. Sitting on the porch with the pup and good reads looking at that good old desert moon


What we want is another invention... horses and gardens and a cabin to call my own, one of those grungy southern rock boys, a withcy cat and husky, paintings that sell, more tattoos, finding the message and share the coming of age, more clientele, health, love, prosperity, and happiness. With that I give you this


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