Friday, February 10, 2012


Xavier Rudd- The Letter

I I sit by my window
With everything I've done
Doors that I've opened
And webs that I've spun
And the candle beside me
it burns to the left
and the rain on the clay
sends the lizard to it's nest
will there be a time
when I will hold you again?
With my arms spread out
My chest you'll rest
And I'll write you a letter
With everything I know
’bout the weight of the world
And the way things could go
So live up my friend
Step back again
For some things will be given
For some you'll have to bend
You’ ll have to bend my friend
To hold on to this
For some things will come easy
And some will be a test
You’ll have to bend
Now the ocean connects me
To everything I know
I’m mellowing my mind
So my heart, it can call
With these trees as my witness
I'll slice up some fruit
And each to their peaceful
good intentions and truth

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