Monday, January 21, 2013

you took our knobs.

Came were moths and owls of the nights sky,
in colored light the cage bird cried.
Her heart was tired of ignoring the fact,
mine, yours... our house cards ...crash... (high pitch) flat.
Shelled lips of an amber lash,
i'll take one and a whiskey,
Russian red to be exact.
Gypsy tears in crystal blue demise,
I'll lick them like tushy
whats that thought that crossed your mind.
I need you now, how was i supposed to know
because i need you now, it was never our emote.
New age, new religion.
Fuck your mother, you dirty as pigeons.
I fiend your smoke, my breath the ignition,
holy as your ramet,
my tongue on you with precision.
Im done god damnit.
Green dewy red eyes,
I'm here to rest,
 in your informed contaminated life.
You lost yourself,
im better off solo flight.
Bounty night,
Bounty hunter, mother fucking shank your pride,
you know im right, machete life.
your bets are off,
hear my tone,
get used to it...
it's that last thing you'll ever know.

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