Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some kind of Nature

(Dolce Vita Wedges; High waisted shorts Urban; Sweater the closet floor; Neckalace handmade; Beanie Urban)

Her feet were icy and cold overtook
tiny furs began to appear wild marrow clotted
and sprouted two tiny doe feet
At first it was painful but as the minutes passed it was easier to pull her golden frames weight.
Tiny clusters of turquoise began to harden around her shell
and her heart's ache began going numb
In a fetal position little ladybugs began to gather
Her last sight was the sun's rays beaming through the branches of willow trees
Erased were the memories of innocence and crime
Nevermore would she shed tears or kiss the one she loved in this hiding place under the harvest moon
Shed stay while forest creatures would come to comfort
Here lies an anonymous being
A plaque of empty words
grateful for the day when archaeologists would attempt to resurrect the silence
of alone and wonder.

- October 7, 2010