Friday, October 29, 2010

Up on melancholy hill ...

(Mustard Seed necklace Vintage; Handmade silkscreen shirt; Boots Vintage; Earring, Sweater, MidTights Urban)

Not only did I do a new fringe and color dew... Sister, Boyfriend, and I attended the Gorillaz Plastic Beach show last night... AMA-ZAH-ZAH-ING!

There is a state of mind held in the righteous,
where you can accumulate the will to witness the majestic condition
in which time stands still and all things are in the purest of thought.
every heart desires.
it is atop a mountain called to the oppressed,
where beauty prevails through the song of a birds flight.
it is only the you have the potential to maintain perfect peace,
and acquire steadfast of the mind.
he gives unto thee who keep faith in him.
an honest blanket of pure existance.

                                        -April 7, 2008



  1. you have beautiful toned style
    xx follow me xx

  2. "purest of thought..."
    Hm, making me feel very dream-like :)

    I'm quite liking this blog.
    And you have the most amaze cheek shape!

    And I like the Midtights also.

    Looking forward to more posts!