Friday, April 22, 2011

Lack of eyelids

This week has definitely been a series of very interesting affairs. For one I finally got this snake ear cuff in the mail. I think I love it! An Awlf bike troop episode took place in the middle of downtown at midnight this month's full moon, this is after a 16 mile bike journey to get there. At the end of it all our car keys ended up dropping out somewhere in the city, we waited forever for a tow truck, and ate some del taco. Then because we just can't get enough, yesterday we attempted and succeeded yet another 16 mile bike journey. Obsessed?

(via: AWLF)


  1. first photo is amazing! :):)

  2. Awesome earring!

    xoxo Michaela

  3. aleks was throwing it all away and i said hey! no!