Monday, May 2, 2011

It was only a fall.

The face of the devil’s water
Insomnia, anxiety, solitude, heartache
The rage from the fool’s cup
Night slowly becomes deprivation of somberness
He feeds courage from the lips of your friends, leaving you behind, at the willows knees
People scatter your mind and pollute your thoughts with empty bottles
While the only one you can think of for the past three years won’t show up
Taillights from the driver’s seat is the closest reminiscence to what he wants to allow
Upon awakening the energy spills from my closed fist as rage would from a bull
You can’t be beaten
and killing, seep from the crevices of five fingers
Stay far, stay hidden for
A lack of love, sleep, and confidence will leave a girl at her knees crying and shaking
Creating a being that no longer cares
With hallucinations of a human taxidermy production
Do not cross me; May God watch over us all

-May 2, 2011

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